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Born: 2017
Colour: Black

Genetic: ggEeaaCC
Sire: Fechero (1.67)
Dam: Espora IV (1.62)
Height: 1.67


Tall, elegant black stallion. Gt Grand son of Oleaje (calificado and mejorante), Athens 2004 dressage silver medalist with Romero Benitez/Granda Losada origins on the dam line. Grandson of Cechero, 1.71m YM stallion with Joven Reproductor Recomendado status (also calificado) - he has been described as being very correct, with alot of bone, heart and strength.

Huracan VA is the last colt from a prestigious line of horses,  he combines the modern day PRE horse for dressage with his paternal origins.  

His father competed in his first dressage competition at Pompadour at the age of 5, in the Cycle 1ere année préliminaire, where he gained overall second place and some impressive scores. 


Huracan VA has very precise, extended movement, with a true athleticism, elevation and power that is evident despite his young age. He has a very generous and friendly character, very sensible to all the training that he has received. 

Breeding years: 2020, 2021, 2022

Offspring: Lucena VA, Melanctha VA, Águila de Péchicard, Myrrha VA