If you are thinking of purchasing a horse or a foal from us, here are some answers to queries that we often receive.


Can I come and visit the stud?

Visitors are welcome by appointment. There may be times that are busy for us - such as during the breeding season, so we will advise you of our availability. 

How to I make a purchase (general)?

When you contact us we will first ascertain what your specific requirements are. If you are enquiring about a specific horse, we can supply you with all of the information you need.

You can either make a visit in person to see a horse or, as many of our buyers come from outside of France, you can buy "unseen".

If you decide to make a purchase and wish to secure a horse, we supply a sales contract and ask for a deposit. *** Please note: a visit does not constitute a reservation - a horse is only reserved for a buyer once the deposit has been received. A planned visit does not take priority over a deposit.***

To reserve a foal before weaning, the procedure is similar. A sales contract is provided and a deposit secures your reservation. The balance is payable when the foal reaches 6 months of age. We do not offer pre-reservation or reservation "in-utero" for our foals but if you are interested in a foal for the future, we can put you onto a waiting list so that you can be contacted as a priority  once a foal is born that corresponds with your requirements.

We reserve the right to choose the home that we feel will correspond the most with the horse/foal.

What about transportation and vet checks?

We can help to organise transport worldwide for your horse, including the preparation of all of the paperwork. Vet checks are usually necessary for travel and exportation. If you require additional veterinary examinations we can recommend a vet who will do this for you. All travels and veterinary costs are the responsibility of the buyer. 

How do I register a horse in my name in the stud-book?

All of our horses are registered with the ANCCE, but here in France they are also registered with our national database, IFCE. They have a french ownership card and their original "carta de titularidad" is kept by the ANCCE. If you are a buyer located in France, the ownership change must first be done with the IFCE, then once the new card is in your name, you send this to the french association for the PRE horse - AECE

If you are a buyer located outside of France, you must send the french ownership card to the association in your country that is responsible for the administration for the PRE horse, or directly to the ANCCE if you have no association. The original "carta de titularidad" will then be sent to you.

Do we offer coverings from our stallions?

We do not offer our stallions for covering outside of the stud.

Do we offer boarding facilities and training?

If you purchase one of our horses or foals, you can keep them here with us if you wish, until you are ready for them to come to you. Some people prefer to leave a foal with us so that they will be able to socialise with others of a similar age. These places are very limited so it is best to let us know early if this is your intention. We can offer age appropriate groundwork and training whilst the horse/foal is with us.