Either bred by us, or chosen for their super traits, our mares are the foundation of  our stud.


The mares are equally as important to the stud as the stallions. 

We bought our original foundation mares from a prestigious stud in Spain, renowned for their success in morphological competitions with their horses. With very traditional origins such as Granda Losada, Romero Benitez, they had also out-crossed this with more "working" lines such as Guardiola and Escalera. These origins have been proven to give agility, speed, movement and a real "heart" in the horse - to work to the absolute best of their ability and to given amazing performance.

We used carefully selected stallions on these mares, ones that we bought and also by insemination which provided us with a much wider choice.

Our own home bred mares are now beginning to produce their own foals and this has been a very long process, ensuring that we are getting the results that we aimed for at the very beginning. By careful selection with our stallions, now also including home bred stock, we believe that these combinations are ideal for creating the performers of the future. 

Of course whilst the origins are important, the most essential factor is the temperament of the mare and the morphology. Incorrect conformation is not acceptable, poor movement is not likely to make a foal with excellent paces and a less than lovely character is not desirable as it will have a heavy influence on the foals that she produces. Several of our mares have calificado, mejorante qualified parents and grandparents (notably Fantasma VA and Jamaica Sal who have some of the best horses in the world in their pedigree).

Our mares are kept traditionally trimmed and presented, many of them have been ridden under saddle and they are kept in small groups according to gestation, age and friendship preferences.