Villeneuve Andalusians - "Breeding for quality and excellence - its not just any PRE horse - its a Villeneuve PRE horse - experience the difference"


Over the last few years we have worked towards selecting reproductive stock that will help us to produce the PRE horse that we are aiming for - retaining the traditional features of the breed, with very correct morphology, train-ability and with movements that will enable them to be successful in mainstream dressage competitions. 

We are looking to produce a horse in between the very old, small traditional PRE and the modern day lighter sport type.

We are passionate about the horses that we produce.


Whether the horse will be used for competitions, or for leisure only, we attach the same importance to the selection process. After morphology and temperament, the bloodlines are incredibly important - to preserve and produce a particular type and to know what works.

Our aim is to breed for excellence - the prices of our foals and horses reflect our investments we have made into the best foundation stock that we have to breed with, our vision to produce PRE horses of a very high quality and our time and passion devoted to every last detail - the care, management, correct paperwork etc.

We are very happy with every foal that we breed - all of them possess the potential for a great future in competition, for reproduction or simply for leisure and sports. However, if you are looking for something in particular, please let us know because we will be very happy to guide you in making your choice amongst our foals - we know the parents and their ancestry very well and this is reflected in their very individual characters. 

We have many satisfied customers who say that our foals and horses are wonderfully well mannered, well grown and have super characters. If you are looking for a lifetime companion, or for a horse for competition, our foals are an ideal choice.


Our horses are raised with a combination of what their natural requirements are and also with an ability to adapt to the human world that we brought them into.


Foals and youngsters grow up together but we handle them from birth and regularly throughout their growing years. They were not born "wild" horses, they will not spend their lives in a completely natural and free state - we will want to maybe ride and compete them when they are adults. We believe there is therefore no benefit to leaving them in a wild state until the time comes that we want to ride them, but that is better that they begin to learn about the human world. 

That said, we do not want to "over humanise" them, they have regular and very frequent lessons from the minute they are born, but these lessons are always short and adapted to their age and needs. We respect them as horses and they respect and understand that we as humans, are different to them. When they are foals, if we spend 30 minutes every day with them, then the other 23.5 hours of the day, they are living naturally with other foals and mares. By not breeding a huge quantity of foals every year, we can concentrate on this essential training and interaction with them, and of course also on the quality of the horses that we breed. This time spent with our foals and young horses is essential and the hard work of any breeder who wants to produce a well balanced horse who is open to working alongside and with his humans. We do not start work under saddle before 4 years of age - we consider that the horse is growing alot before this and we do not want to interfere with the development.

The way we keep our horses is extremely important to us and is essential to their health as we want them to grow up in safe surroundings, following a very necessary health program of vaccinations, wormers and regular health checks by our vets.