Villeneuve Andalusians is a family run stud.


With years of experience competing successfully in many equestrian disciplines  and qualifications for instruction (BHS Int SM and NVQ Assessment), a chance ride on a beautiful PRE stallion during instruction in classical dressage ignited the passion that led us to start breeding these amazing horses. Now we combine decades of experience and horsemanship with a never-ending dream to develop and produce top quality horses. 


Raised in this beautiful region in France, known for the fertile soil, rich in minerals, the area is the 2nd place in France to receive the most hours of sunshine after the south coast - a micro climate. The spanish horses thrive here because it is closest to their native Spain.


Megan and Richard

When we say "experience the difference, what exactly do we mean? 

Every breeding that we do is carefully thought out, with a deep understanding of the origins, morphology, type and character of every horse we own, with the end aim to produce the very best horse that we can. We are always seeking to perfect what we do, for our own personal development and to provide our clients with the most amazing horse.

After the selection process and the arrival of our foals, we are responsible for their handling, until they are at least 6 months old and often after that, depending on when they will go to their new homes. We want to give our horses the best understanding and education that is possible, so that we know they will be well equipped to cope with and understand life in their new homes.

Our proven methods ensure that our horses all have a solid foundation of good handling and an optimum learning capacity to go forward with, whatever their age. Each one of us here at Villeneuve works in the same way with the horses - through a lifetime of experience but also natural empathy, we are able to adapt to work with every individual character. 

We have a team of trusted outside professionals for the healthcare of the horses and we trust them implicitly with the care of them.