We do not offer our stallions for external coverings/breeding.   Some of their foals are available for purchase.


Born: 2017
Colour: Black

Genetic: ggEeaaCC
Sire: Fechero (1.67)
Dam: Espora IV (1.62)
Height: 1.67


Tall, elegant black stallion. Gt Grand son of Oleaje (calificado and mejorante), Athens 2004 dressage silver medalist with Romero Benitez/Granda Losada origins on the dam line. Grandson of Cechero, 1.71m YM stallion with Joven Reproductor Recomendado status (also calificado) - he has been described as being very correct, with alot of bone, heart and strength.

Huracan VA is the last colt from a prestigious line of horses,  he combines the modern day PRE horse for dressage with his paternal origins.  

His father competed in his first dressage competition at Pompadour at the age of 5, in the Cycle 1ere année préliminaire, where he gained overall second place and some impressive scores. 


Huracan VA has very precise, extended movement, with a true athleticism, elevation and power that is evident despite his young age. He has a very generous and friendly character, very sensible to all the training that he has received which we hope will pass on to his foals in the future. Approved for breeding in 2020, his first foals are due in 2021 - they are already reserved in utero and we are taking enquiries for his foals for 2022.




Born: 2014
Colour: Grey

Genetic: Homozygous grey (GG)
Sire: Clarinete
Dam: Harmoniosa G
Height: 1.63/4m


Bred by Juan Miguel Muñoz (Yeguada Los Olivos), sire CLARINETE ,  bred by: MARIA NIEVES LOPEZ-MONIS SANCHEZ-TABERNERO, owned by: YEGUADA LOS OLIVOS. This stallion was successfully competed in morphological competitions and in dressage, including a very respectable 12th placing at SICAB in 2015 in section 12 (stallions 7 years and over°
His dam was bred by Granda Losada (pure) by one of their calificado stallion Diablotin IV.

Jovial CXII has a super character - sensitive with a big heart, as all spanish horses should be. He thrives on work and is always looking to work - this is a horse that you would ride into a battle! Backed as a 4 year old, we decided to give him time to grow, rather than competing him - the plan is to possibly bring him out into competition in the future.

He has the most amazing movement, above the ground and with immense elevation. In many years, I have not seen quality like this - in the conformation/morphology of the limbs, the bone, the hindquarters. In his offspring, he has passed on the movement, the character and his great heart.

** Jovial CXII is homozygous for the grey gene ~ all of his foals, irrespective of the colour they are at birth, will go grey. 100% guarantee of a grey foal**

Yunque VII


Born: 2020
Colour: Grey

Sire: Jitako 
Dam: Guapetona M Suay


A super new addition to our stud - to become a future reproductor for us. Bred by Yeguada Fuentes, Champion breeder in France - with competition wins and much success in other countries including Belgium and Spain (including at SICAB).

Kariño is the half brother to Cortesano Fuentes, many times winner and Champion, also with very good, consistent placings throughout France, Belgium and at SICAB in morphology/functionality competitions. 

He has very traditional, old Cartujano breeding - the grandson of Datil VII.  


He has fabulous movement - with immense elevation and power.